Making original truly

Elegant and digitally immutable certificates of authenticity for the original artwork.
Soft launch June 2021!


The Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) offers strong long term protection for your intellectual property. You gain control and decide with maximum flexibility on creating physical or digital editions of your artworks (single original edition, limited edition of original prints, digital prints or non fungible tokens NFTs).


Create additional streams of online revenues from your portfolio artists, while retaining perfect control of the artist’s authentication and signature process for both physical and digital artworks. Increase your artist’s long term value with a Proof of Provenance, combining plain paper documents and digital assets issued on a carbon-friendly blockchain.

How it works ?

Create account

Create your personal account with your artist name. Optionally link your account with your blockchain address.

Upload artwork

Upload your high-definition source image for long-term conservation in the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Create edition

Create your art edition : unique physical original, limited edition or crypto-art / NFTs.

Mint blockchain asset

We create for you a unique asset (NFT) in the blockchain and you receive the certificate PDF document to your mailbox.

Secure certificate

Physically cut and sign the chirograph to make each certificate unique and send duplicate copies to our PO Box.

Certificate and Chirograph

Our physical certificates are legal documents approved by an IP lawyer, printed in four copies, secured with a quintuplicate chirograph with QRCode and blockchain identifiers.

Our Pricing

The right price for you, whoever you are.


$20 / for a Unique Original Certificate

One plan for any individual artist or organization—from startups to Fortune 500s. Please get in touch with us if you need large volumes, or API access.

Estampillage gratuit du jeton non fongible (NFT) sur Algorand , une chaîne de blocks écologique.
10 year conservation of digital assets (up to 10MB)
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$15 + $5 / per Limited Edition Certificate

One plan for any organization—from startups to Fortune 500s. Please get in touch with us if you need large volumes, or API access.

Free minting of the x NFTs on Algorand blockchain
10 year conservation of digital assets (up to 10MB)
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Core Values

Uncopied is a French Limited Company based in Versailles, France.


Uncopied is a neutral platform that can resist arbitrary censorship within the rules of international laws (privacy laws, copyright laws, human rights laws).


Uncopied certificates are secured by a chirograph and a public blockchain asset. Easy to make, hard to fake.


Uncopied is for physical and digital art that will last centuries. We implement technology solutions built to evolve, with the highest conservation standards.


Uncopied assets represent an immutable proof of provenance for a physical or digital object, as such they are non-tradable and inalienable. Uncopied != Tradable NFT


Uncopied is resource efficient and uses carbon-friendly technology, we do our best to keep our services affordable, ecological and sustainable.


Uncopied is suitable for its users and discrete : the artwork and the creator come first.


Uncopied is accessible to all adults, in any place, without distinction of gender, age, race, ethnicity or any other form of identity.